How to Recover From Ransomware Attack 

The recent attack on CISCO and other popular companies showcases how poor online security can be and how one wrong decision of opening the link can cause you millions of rupees. I talk a lot about Ransomware in my write-ups to make people aware of the consequences of Ransomware. It is like an exploitation of the user or a company undergoing maximum harassment at the hands of the cybercriminal.

Most of these attacks are conducted to demand Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies from the users. Other types of attackers may demand gift cards from the users. Ransomware can make life quite complicated for users. It is necessary to prevent these attacks by keeping in mind preventive measures. I recommend not clicking the suspicious emails and messages on the systems to help avert these attacks altogether.

In this detailed guide, I will talk about how Ransomware spreads on a network and how to recover from the Ransomware attack. 

How to Recover from Ransomware Attack

Every 11 seconds, a Ransomware attack is conducted on the business. Its global cost has reached almost $20 billion annually. The most common cause of the Ransomware attack is a phishing email. More than 29% of attacks happen yearly to companies and individual users. Let us now give you the solution to the most asked question. 

How to recover from a Ransomware attack? First, take precautions and keep an eye on your daily emails. We should not forget what happened with the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, which provides 45% of the East Coast Supply. The company supplies more than 100 million gallons of fuel across the country. When the Ransomware attack happened on the company, they had to pay more than $5 million to decrypt their network system. Many examples have shocked the internet world.

However, the best way to protect your system against Ransomware is to prevent it from getting installed on the system devices. Keep a close eye on the activities of the people around you. If the employees seem to get a trusted-looking email, they must enquire from their cyber cell department. Taking preventive measures in advance rather than being sorry about the same is essential. A data protection strategy must be kept in place to prevent these attacks from occurring repeatedly. Moreover, companies need to identify their endpoints that are prone to attacks. It will help them fix them at the right time.

Let me now tell you the top ways to recover from Ransomware attacks.

  • Disconnect from All the Systems: If the infected device is connected to any network or virtual systems, you need to disconnect all the devices asap. It will help quarantine the said device, and you can save other connected devices from getting infected.
  • Convey About the Attack to the Authorities: FBI and U.S. Cyber Security Department have issued guidelines for companies to report any Ransomware attacks. Instead of giving ransom money to cybercriminals, it is necessary to provide information to the concerned authorities to save your brand.
  • Always Keep a Backup: Companies must back up their data on cloud storage or externally to safeguard from any untoward malicious malware attacks. Keeping a backup means uploading important data even if the website has been encrypted or compromised. You can always bypass the Ransomware and reboot the device to reach the stage before the attack. Always disconnect your device before rebooting, and stop spreading Ransomware like wildfire. 
  • Use Decryption Tool: Installing antivirus like Avast and McAfee can help detect any malicious activity. I recommend buying a licensed antivirus instead of downloading the ones from the internet. Secondly, a robust decryption tool can help decrypt the data encrypted by the attackers. You can use one from Kaspersky to counter these attacks because it recognizes many types of Ransomware strains like locker and crypto.
  • Full Cleansing of the Computer Device: It is advisable to wipe out any trace of duplicate files created on your device. A few software packages are available that help cleanse your data from the system. In case you feel the material is dark, it is advisable to clean the storage system fully. You can reinstall everything fully.

Recovering from Ransomware may not seem easy, but by taking some precautionary measures, you can safeguard confidential information. Always be up in arms with the updated antivirus and other decryption tools.

How does Ransomware Attacks get Resolved?

Ransomware can exploit the device to the extent that a user cannot access the information anymore. If you pay the gangs, there is no guarantee that they will provide the decryption key. Social engineering and phishing are the two most modules through which attacks are carried out. A few times, attackers have provided the decryption key for the particular strain to resolve the Ransomware attack. 

Here is the complete solution, along with the steps to help users know the answer to how do Ransomware attacks get resolved. Firstly, I will quickly tell you how to defeat this malware that has become an economic trend among cybercriminals. Here are a few ways:

  • Isolate your device from other devices connected to the network. Seek the vulnerable endpoint and immediately isolate it to prevent it from spreading. 
  • Each Ransomware strain is different from the other one. It is important to identify the right one by scanning the files and folders to get a clear picture. Accordingly, run the decryption tool to bypass the Ransomware stage.
  • Determine the best option to deal with the Ransomware attack launched on your professional device. You can either report to the concerned authorities, use the right decryption tool, isolate the infection completely, and much more.
  • Every company is advised to keep a backup of their files on the cloud storage. It is to deal with a situation like this. The safe backups and the available software will help to provide a new, refreshed look to your device. 
  • Always keep in mind how the last attack happened. Learn from it, and make a good prevention plan so that there is no occurrence of the problem in the future.

Apart from this, the Ransomware can be fixed by the user using the following significant steps.

Step 1: Restart the computer

Step 2: Press the F8 key while the whole system is getting a bootup

Step 3: Now, use the arrow key to tap on the Safe Mode option on your computer screen

Step 4: Type ‘rstrui.exe’ using the text cursor, and press Enter

Step 5: Select the Windows System Restore screen, and choose the date to restore your computer to this step.

Step 6: Use another device connected to the network to download the licensed decryption tool.

Step 7: Now, copy the software installer file to install it on the Ransomware-infected device

Step 8: After this step, run the full scan and select all the Ransomware infections to delete them.

These are a few steps to resolve the Ransomware attack. You must always take professional help if things have gone too far.

Can a Company Recover from a Ransomware Attack?

Companies like financial institutions, oil and natural gas, government agencies, supply chain companies, and many more have become the target of Ransomware gangs. CISCO was the recent target in 2022 when the attackers launched an attack through a phishing email.

Can a company recover from a Ransomware attack? After hearing these news reports, you must wonder about the same. Yes, your company can recover from the Ransomware attack if the right steps are followed. Even the latest Windows 10 and 11 can use Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to recover from the Ransomware attack. Along with this, I will recommend the following these ways:

  • File a report with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on their Ransomware reporting site. 
  • Never pay the costly Ransomware if the strain can be identified and removed altogether. Do not give unnecessary encouragement to cybercriminals.
  • Modern in-built tools in the Windows Operating System nowadays will help remove the corrupt data and make a recovery effective.
  • If a few files are deleted, use the necessary software to recover them. Do not go for manual scanning, as it can take time.

Recovery after the Ransomware attack can be tedious. By following the right steps, companies can retrieve the files fully too.

How does Ransomware Spread On a Network?

Ransomware is mainly of two types: locker Ransomware and crypto- Ransomware. Both these types are stated to make your device vulnerable and attack the whole system. It encrypts the files and publishes the message that the attackers will leak the company’s sensitive information. Let me give you a sneak peek at how Ransomware spreads on a network.

  • Through USBs and third-party plugins
  • Phishing emails
  • Via screen lockers, crypto lockers, and locker Ransomware
  • Downloading the suspicious files
  • Clicking on the pop-up ads

You need to identify the endpoint that has become vulnerable to stop these kinds of attacks. Stay calm in this situation and determine the best way to come out of this dilemmatic situation.

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