Klenam Ju

I have been talking lately about Ransomware a lot because it has become a new risk and trend in the cybersecurity world. A survey states that 2 out of 3 organizations in 2021 have already been hit by Ransomware. It is no joke, as Ransomware attack potentialities are increasing by 29% year-over-year. Most organizations are still working [...]

The recent attack on CISCO and other popular companies showcases how poor online security can be and how one wrong decision of opening the link can cause you millions of rupees. I talk a lot about Ransomware in my write-ups to make people aware of the consequences of Ransomware. It is like an exploitation of [...]

Since I started sharing key information about Ransomware, there is always a new thing I am sharing with my readers. Today, I would like you all to know about mobile Ransomware. Yes, Ransomware not only disrupts and locks the computer devices connected to a particular organization’s network but can also lock your Android or iOS [...]

Recently, I have been reading a lot about endpoint device Ransomware attacks, and the community members are asking various questions. Endpoint devices relate to devices that are connected with LAN and WAN. These devices can be a desktop, smartphone, tablet, computer, or printer. Majorly the external sources are vulnerable to a Ransomware attack. A report by [...]

Ransomware is malware that often hampers the seamless flow of data in our computers, denying users access to all that essential data. Such data can only be accessed when the organization pays the ransom asked by the hackers, or else they delete them. Thus, these organizations feel it is better to pay the ransom asked [...]

I have been reading news on the ransomware attacks and the ransomware strains for much time now. Whilst going through the online news, I found a couple of reports where the QUAD Nations have come together to fight malicious online activities. The nations will be working together to create peace and harmony in the internet world. [...]

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware tool that helps detect and remove mischievous codes from your computer. I have found many ways to install it without an internet connection. I have created this article to acknowledge others about installing Malwarebytes without the internet and running them seamlessly on PCs.  Install Malwarebytes Without Internet Installing Malwarebytes to a [...]

No doubt, ImgBurn is an incredible ISO creation tool. However, veterans started equipping Open Candy with ImgBurn a few days ago. OpenCandy is an adware application; some antivirus vendors consider it malware or spyware. Some of the licensing text presented during installation defines OpenCandy installation as inevitable. However, if I am willing to uncheck some [...]

VirusTotal updates Malware signatures frequently. Further, they distribute to antivirus companies to research them. It ensures we use the latest signature sets to scan malware. Website scanning is done by querying vendor databases keeping VirusTotal as a medium, and storing later. You can do it through API queries to an antivirus company’s solution.  How to [...]

Internet is a vulnerable place, and one small mistake can cost someone a million. I am talking about malicious files, viruses, and ransomware attacks. They are taking the world by storm, especially the big brands. Another day, I came across websites that provide test kits for companies and individuals to test their machines’ weaknesses. Ransomware [...]

Cybersecurity isn’t limited to major corporations. Anyone who uses the internet needs to be aware of security risks. But what if you go offline? Are you still at risk of ransomware attacks? Can your personal information be stolen or your device damaged when you’re offline?  There’s lots of confusion about the efficacy of malware when [...]

Adware programs are a variant of malware that persistently displays marketing information as pop-ups to users, enticing them to follow or click a link and install malicious applications. Adware is created to raise revenue for developers by hosting advertisements but can also be manipulated into a more dangerous malware. What is malware? Malware, shortened from [...]

Malware is software deliberately aimed at gaining unauthorized access to computer networks and servers. It includes all malicious software, for example, spyware, worms, adware, Trojan virus, and ransomware. Fighting back against these enemies through software engineering measures, forensics, or network administration incorporates malware analysis. With the gradual pace of time, malware activity in the US [...]

A Detailed Guide On Typical Targets And Threat Prevention. A couple of times in the New Year, I deep dive into the cybersecurity statistics and cyber attacks that happened over the years. Ransomware attacks will reportedly increase to every 11 seconds by the year 2022. Overall, 9% of the American population becomes a cyberattack victim. [...]

Ransomware, In my opinion, is the worst thing that can happen to my files, as well as my wallet. They were hard to deal with back then, but today the old ones don’t work like in their glory days. Today you will learn everything meaningful about ransomware, and I’ll answer the most asked questions about [...]

What is a Ransomware Attack? Ransomware combines two words, “malware” and “ransom.” Ransomware virus infects your files with malware that encrypts them just like a lock requiring decryption to unlock, but that key is mostly in the attacker’s hand, so you can’t access your data. To access them, you need that digital key from the [...]

Every computer user has to deal with malware at some point. While most packed malware is created to disrupt a computer or steal information, the underlying motive behind malware creators is to make money illegally. If you are surprised and wondering why someone would go so far as to attack a computer or a mobile [...]

Like all other beautiful and essential things, the internet isn’t free from certain risks, and I would like to term malware as the leading security threat on the online surface. More so when they are also evolving to be more penetrating and dangerous. You can realize the graveness of this situation by a survey from [...]

Unless you live under the rocks, you must have heard of malware. If not, let me dig you in to know what it means. Yes, malware is the same intrusive software component that can destroy your software and even entire computing systems. We all have heard or seen such attacks on our or our friends’ [...]

Hi folks, I am back with another edition on Ransomware attacks that is not a ‘buzzword’ anymore but a ‘real threat’ to the internet world. It creates encrypted files, and attackers sometimes ask for a hefty ransom to release the decrypted files. RaaS or Ransomware-as-a-Service has emerged in the online scenario. Ransom has emerged as the [...]

Sometimes I deep dive into the cybercrimes that are taking place globally. Ransomware stands at its peak when it comes to malicious malware attacks. Global efforts are put into the digital landscape to curb cyber attacks as done on CISCO, or other 93% of the companies’ networks. The viable question that arises in front of [...]