How To Install Malwarebytes Without Internet Connection

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware tool that helps detect and remove mischievous codes from your computer. I have found many ways to install it without an internet connection. I have created this article to acknowledge others about installing Malwarebytes without the internet and running them seamlessly on PCs. 

Install Malwarebytes Without Internet

Installing Malwarebytes to a computer without an internet connection or in safe mode, at that time, connect with another Windows with a direct internet connection. Then, installing and updating the Malwarebytes is done through that computer. Download the Malwarebytes, copy the update to date data into another folder, transfer it to the USB drive, and connect to the computer that lacks an internet connection. 

I have created a step-by-step guide to help you install Malwarebytes without the internet on my PC. 

Step 1:

  • First, download the Malwarebytes installer on an internet-connected PC and run its updated database.
  • Copy the mbm-setup exe to your USB drive.
  • Install it on the computer without the internet. 

Step 2: On your PC, search for Malwarebytes and save it in a separate folder for convenience. 

Step 3: Get the Malwarebytes from the application folder, and then turn it on to provide updated data by launching the program after verifying it. 

By following these steps, you can install Malwarebytes without the Internet. 

Why Can’t I Install Malwarebytes?

Sometimes I get trouble installing Malwarebytes on my PCs. In such cases, an error message immediately pops up, saying “Error found while installation,” or the screen displays, “The installation failed.” At that time, restart your computer, but still, if the matter does not solve, check out the below points:

  • Verify My Internet Connection: After falling upon this bandwidth issue, check the internet connection that enables downloading such apps or programs. 
  • Install the Latest OS Updates: if my computer does not have the latest OS updates, new software installation is terminated in the computer. After installing the OD updates, the Malwarebytes program should run or start installing. 
  • Disabling Antivirus can be a Way Out: While downloading Malwarebytes, temporarily turn off the antivirus or Firewall for some time so that the installation may occur smoothly. 

How Do I Run Malwarebytes Without Installing?

The entire Malwarebytes toolset is portable and doesn’t need any internet connection to work. Even it works with an installation. I just plugged my USB stick onto my PC and started scanning. These tools are vividly potent to scan thousands of software and apps within ten seconds. Thus to answer the question: How do I run Malwarebytes without installing it? I bought different tools from Malwarebytes, so they don’t need an installation. However, these Malwarebytes are highly potent for scanning the software or other drives entering my computer daily. 

Can You Run Malwarebytes from a USB?

Firstly, download the Malwarebytes on a USB stick from a safe computer. Then, run it by plugging the USB stick into a computer. It will only run on my PC till the USB stick is plugged in. Once I remove it, the Malwarebytes will stop running on my PC. So, let’s discuss the points on how to save Malwarebytes on the USB port. 

1. First, download the MB-Check and store it on my desktop.

2. Then double-click the MB- Check to make it run MB-Check. The command window will open soon. Then, finally, click “Enter” and accept the EULA. 

3. One log file will be created on the desktop:

How do I Install Malwarebytes on my PC?

Malwarebyte is the safe tool that scans the software installed or downloaded on my PC. Follow the below steps to install Malwarebytes on Windows. It also works in reinstallation if Malwarebytes gets deleted from my PC anytime. 

Download the latest version of Malwarebytes for my Windows.

  • Put the cursor on the download for a double click to open the MBSetup.exe setup file. In most cases, when we download something, it goes to the computer’s download folder. Then, click when the User Account Control pops up on your desktop to allow the installation of your Malwarebytes on Windows. 
  • Click on advanced options and choose another installation location for my Malwarebytes. 
  • When the windows asked – whom do you want to protect? – answer the question by marking a small tick sign beside the option- Me or my family. 
  • Wait till the installation is complete. Click on Malwarebytes and start the app.

Thus, after installation, a subscription box also displays. I believe in subscription because Malwarebytes is my necessity, and I can activate Malwarebytes at any time after subscription. 

Does Malwarebyte Need the Internet?

For the initial installation of Malwarebytes, a strong internet connection is required. In simple terms, download Malwarebytes first and then transfer it to a USB port so that you can run it without connecting my PC to wifi. 

If you are running Malwarebytes, disable the wifi connection. Does Malwarebyte need the Internet? Will it work? Yes. Run the Malwarebytes installer on the windows 4 version so we can utilize it without an internet connection. Run the installer separately from other devices so it will not have any connection to the internet. But, I advise you not to start Malwarebytes manually because it can get uninstalled accidentally or intentionally.

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