Dulcie Jidula

iPhones are typically thought to be safer and more secure than Android phones, but these safety stats often don’t show the whole picture. There are far more Android devices in the wild than there are iPhones, and Android phone manufacturers can install their software which introduces security vulnerabilities. iPhones and their software are controlled by [...]

If you’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of falling victim to XINOF ransomware, you’re probably desperately searching online for a guide on how to remove XINOF ransomware; This is that guide. In this guide, you’ll find a detailed description of XINOF ransomware, why you don’t need to panic if you fall victim to it, and — [...]

Eighty-four percent of the world has smartphones, making the world more connected than ever before. The result is that most of us are online more than we’d like to admit. Of course, that often means using apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. But, since we use our phones for everything, that also means going on websites [...]

While malware and viruses are pervasive — it’s estimated there are more than a billion malware programs in existence — for the average tech user, understanding this threat is more complicated than ever. Then, you also have to contend with plenty of outdated information which doesn’t consider how far malware programs have come in the [...]